Mari Maya
Mari Maya
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 18
Gender Female
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 159 cm
Weight Unknown

A member of the female idol group Mineral★Miracle★Muse, who serves as the composer and lyricist. Her talents and bright, energetic personality makes it easier to get along with everybody. She is 18 years old.


Mari is a headstrong, confident, and somewhat stubborn girl. Moe often comments about how the world should revolve around Mari, and that when things do not go her way it makes her moody. She often tries to be in the spotlight and can be inconsiderate of the way others feel, such as when she uses Samurai Flamenco as bait, or when she claims that the other members of Mineral★Miracle★Muse are worthless without her.


-She is shown to be very fit as well as being fairly strong as she able to proficiently use a magicalesque mace. (Seen episode 4)

-Her mace is equipped with an electric prod.


Kit TriviaEdit

-Mari has a uniform fetish (revealed in episode 4)

-Mari has stated that she failed the written section of the driving test 7 times.

-Mari thinks that Goto looks really cool in his police uniform

Quotes Edit

"Well, it sucks that I'm losing a slave…But if we keep working together, we might become enemies. Because your definition of justice isn't the same as mine. Goodbye, Samurai Flamenco." (to Samurai Flamenco, episode 5)